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Sometimes I get really happy because I realise that musicals exist in the world.

They’re an actual thing. People singing and dancing and believing on stage all at the same time. And hundreds of people watching them and listening to their voices and crying and laughing and bringing joy and oh my God musicals really do exist.


I wish I had exams. That’s at least something to do.


straight people who change the pronouns in songs to make it more hetero are weak and i do not have the time for that

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Got a job at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre lavlah

I’m actually quite relieved I didn’t get in anywhere this year. If I did I would have been totally out of my depth from the start. However, I learned so much from just auditioning at Central alone that I have a lot to be going on with :)

Here’s to another year out! 

Happy 55th birthday Emma Thompson!!!


Thank you for making my award season better, and for being in Harry Potter when I was only thirteen, something which was admittedly the first thing I remember seeing you in. Thank you for being in lots of things recently and coming up, and for being hilarious even when I was thirteen years old. I especially appreciated that episode of Ellen you did, which I have watched numerous times when I’ve been trawling through YouTube watching a lot of your interviews. I hope you have a fantastic day, and thank you for existing.

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I can’t work out whether I still want Tywin to keep on living because I ADORE Charles Dance so much, but I despise the way he puts down and holds back Tyrion.