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Me flirting: You wanna watch lord of the rings: *seductive voice* extended edition.

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I’m legitimately getting quite bad withdrawal symptoms from hearing our version of Porgy and Bess every night. The show finished on Saturday and I’m already feeling such a lack of purpose and happiness in my life that was clearly being supported by Porgy and Bess.

If you didn’t come to see it, you really, REALLY missed out. The best thing I’ve ever seen at the Open Air Theatre.

I wouldn’t be surprised if FUCKIN’ DIANE were assassinated in the next couple o’ days.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! 

The Crucible

I forgot to post a review of the The Crucible at the Old Vic when I saw it last Saturday. So here we go…

Richard Armitage. HUBA HUBA.

That is all.

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Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd…in one month on PBS! Live From Lincoln Center kicks off it’s 40th anniversary season with Sondheim’s iconic musical thrilled on September 26, starring Bryn Terfel, Emma Thompson, Christian Borle, Audra McDonald and the New York Philharmonic. Get a first look here…

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Here is a side by side comparison of how The New York Times has profiled Michael Brown — an 18 year old black boy gunned down by police — and how they profiled Ted Bundy, one of the most prolific serial killers of all time. 

Source for Brown, Source for Bundy.

Character assassination much. 

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This is my favourite video on the internet


So it’s day 2 of having a free house for a week and I still haven’t had sex.

Something is very wrong. 

‎”Black Power isn’t racist. It’s a proactive response to racism. The Black Panthers were never a Black version of the KKK.

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People not understanding this are the most annoying people in the world

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Nor were they terrorist 

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i’m a film student

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idk man, imagine showing Arthur Weasley a gif for the first time. At first of course he’d just think it was a normal wizard photograph, but then you’d explain that muggles made it and his heart would just explode with joy over these muggles making such amazing shit even though they have no magic at all. How amazing. How inventive.

Maybe whenever you’re feeling bad about yourself imagine how much Arthur Weasley would enjoy meeting you.

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